09 Jun

CV mistakes: 6 classic reasons why your CV gets rejected

Feel like you’re qualified for a career opportunity but keep getting rejected? Here’s a list of the most common CV mistakes to avoid

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10 May

8 tips that will skyrocket your high-end sales performance (and commission)

Find out how to truly improve your sales performance, productivity and increase sales. We’re sharing our top strategies to boost your career as a sales consultant.

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18 Mar

10 obvious signs you’re right for a career in tech

Pondering your next career move? Here are 10 signs that you’re unbelievably suited to a career in tech.

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08 Jan

Degree or not to be: Should I go to university?

“Should I go to university or not?” - An important question. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of going to university, and alternative options!

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30 Jun

The Essential Online Training Resources for Retail & Hospitality Professionals

Want to enhance your CV with free retail and hospitality training during the lockdown? Check out The People Pod’s guide to find out what’s available online!

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11 May

Our Top Tips for Candidates During Lockdown and Beyond

How can candidates make sure they stand out to prospective employers during the current lockdown and beyond? Find out with our top tips!

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08 Mar

What Makes A Great Salesperson?

Despite what you may have heard, being a great salesperson isn't about your ability to sell ice to Eskimos, having the 'gift of the gab' or simply being a people person. Of course, if you do have all of the above, then you're well on your way. Though a leading sales profession has a lot more to offer than frozen water and a way with words...

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07 Mar

What's Hot About Working In Retail?

Some people think of the retail sector as a culture of long hours, evenings and weekends and roles that revolve around relatively low-paid shop floor work. Though there are many positive benefits to be gained by working for a retail company.

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06 Mar

CV Writing Tips

In the first stage of your job search, you're only as good as the piece of paper you present yourself on. Is yours up to scratch?

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05 Mar

What Not To Say In Your Job Interview

Respond to questions well, and you’re on to a winner. Let your words run away with you and you’re on the bus home. So what’s not OK to mention in that big interview? Notepads at the ready!

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02 Mar

Five Signs It's Time To Leave Your Job

Sometimes, we just know when enough is enough and it's time to dust off that CV in preparation for something new.

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01 Mar

Interview Nightmares Uncovered

Learn from others’ mistakes and enjoy a few of these cringe-worthy interview experiences in our list of top interview nightmares…

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