Domino's Pizza

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Sector: Retail & Hospitality
Services: Career Site, Social Recruiting, Volume Recruitment

The Brief

We all know Domino’s for their deliciously convenient takeaway food and dedication to saving the world from dismal dining. Operating on an international scale, the Domino's food franchise is a powerhouse of customer centric hospitality professionals.

They approached The People Pod to exclusively resource all management level hires across the largest franchise in the South, whilst servicing other smaller franchises.

The Challenge

Dominos was going through a serious growth phase, with stores opening stores opening across the country in some of the most prime hunger hotspots.

Like most fast food retailers, the unsociable shifts, long hours and fast paced environment sent many candidates in the other direction.

So, the key challenge was to make potential candidates fully aware of the benefits of working hard for Dominos and the excellent career path that came as part of the package.

A typical day at Dominos is like no other fast food role. We were excited to get our teeth into this one.

The Approach

In keeping with the fun Dominos brand, we designed a series of thought-provoking recruitment campaigns, strategically positioned to capture the right talent, in the right locations.

We implemented recommendation and referral schemes and an intensive screening process to ensure only the best candidates made it through to interview stage.

All candidates were interviewed face to face - because a customer facing role requires a face that says, 'I've got this.'

For this mission, we redesigned our interview process to incorporate practical on job experience, so the candidate truly understood a typical day at Dominos.

Recruitment packs were created, notice periods negotiated and a slick recruitment process was executed from start to finish.

The Result

We've been filling key vacancies for Dominos across the South for management level roles over the past 4 years.

We're proud to have achieved a 1:3 interview to hire ratio and to be ambassadors of Dominos in the South as their exclusive recruitment partner.

Dominos have won numerous awards in the area for their staff engagement, customer service excellence and dedication to swift and efficient service.

The Impact

We've witnessed unrivalled results for internal promotion from candidates placed, resulting in cost effective recruitment and a reduced need for investment in training.

During peak periods, Dominos stores are fully staffed with a highly trained management presence thanks to a dedicated approach to recruiting the very best in food retail professionals.

We've contributed to the creation of a vibrant culture across the South through positive and engaging hires that have shaped the franchise. Head Office now use the South as a benchmark for the rest of the country. And we've enjoyed our fair share of pizza whilst we were at it.

Charlotte Parker – Director

I have worked closely with the People Pod to place many candidates into retail management roles across the business for several years. I found they go above and beyond to source, screen, face to face interview and then suitably match high performing candidates that fit well into our fast-paced model. They continually look to improve process and work exceptionally hard to understand our complex business and the culture we promote.

Our senior roles require candidates who have certain skills and abilities to be able to deal with the demands of a complex business and their understanding of what we need is second to none, its like they actually work for Dominos. The People Pod have been my go-to retail recruiter and would highly endorse partnering with them.

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