So, What's Hot About Working in Retail?

Some people think of the retail sector as a culture of long hours, evenings and weekends and roles that revolve around relatively low-paid shop floor work. Though there are many positive benefits to be gained by working for a retail company.

Some of the benefits and incentives are also relatively unique to the retail sector, which is why it's fast becoming an appealing choice for those looking for a fresh challenge.

It’s Not Going Away

Let's talk bottom line here. We’ll always need clothes; we’ll always eat food; and there’s always a demand for the latest technological gadgets. The most successful retail companies’ directors and managers are among the top earners in the country. As a graduate starting a career in the ever-expanding retail sector, earning potential can be as much as you want it to be, dependant on how far up you’re prepared to progress.

There’s A Ladder to Be Climbed

Speaking of which, progression within the retail industry is a huge benefit to choosing this area as a career path. What do retail style guru Mary Portas and Tesco boss Philip Clarke have in common with half the executive team at McDonalds? They started their working life on the shop floor. Waitrose managing director Mark Price joined the John Lewis Partnership in 1982 as a graduate trainee. There's a long ladder just waiting for you to climb. How far you go, well that's up to you.

There's More to Retail Than The Shop Window

If you’re a creative kind or have a head for numbers, retail includes marketing, manufacturing and operations as well as the more obvious customer relations and stock control. There are also huge opportunities for those interested in digital marketing and online retail operations – mobile retail has taken a serious upward turn and shows no signs of slowing down. Shopping is no longer about the shop window, it’s now the desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet – all which need to be carefully crafted by those that know how.

Change the Face Of The Nation

Top retailers influence the way British business is shaped. Amazon, eBay and ASOS have been at the forefront of online retail, but now even the old-school retailers are responding and adapting technologies such as interactive television, smartphones and tablets. They’re also playing to their strengths by offering click and collect services, customer loyalty rewards and making use of super slick targeted advertising.

It’s retail, but not as we know it! You could be at the forefront of the digital revolution. What’s not to love about that?

If you're ready to start a retail revolution of your own, take a look at our latest retail job vacancies or drop off your CV and let us begin the search for your new retail career.

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