10 obvious signs you’re right for a career in tech

Are you toying with the idea of starting a career in tech? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t want to launch a whole new career path without conducting your research first, do you?

So, let’s cut to the ten dollar question: how do you know if you’re right for a career in tech?

Well, as a starting point, a lot of careers in the tech world require the use of the left side of the brain. That means using logic, methodical and critical thinking as opposed to artistic creativity (the right side of the brain).

People have a tendency to use one side of their brain more than the other.

But how do you know if you use the left side of the brain more than the right? Below are some signs that you’re a leftie and could be well suited to the world of tech.

1. You love questioning information

Is your immediate reaction to pick holes in information that’s given to you?

Well, first of all, that’s incredibly annoying. But more importantly, you’re demonstrating a strong ability to think critically. As annoying as it may be, asking questions is an extremely important part of working in tech.

Tech business owners need great critical thinkers in their team to spot problems before they even arise.

2. You find it easy to read and analyse graphs

Can look at a graph and immediately understand what it’s telling you? If so, you’re showing good use of the left side of your brain.

The ability to read graphs and charts easily will come in handy in tech. You deal with numbers and graphs on a daily basis, so you need to be able to process visual data quickly to succeed.

3. You enjoy a good puzzle

Doing a puzzle is similar to working in tech. Both need a lot of patience, logic, and a vision of the bigger picture.

So if a thousand piece puzzle is a bit of you, there’s probably a role in tech you’d really love too.

4. You’re an avid researcher

It’s time to buy a new backpack. Are you that person who’ll scrutinise every last detail down to the zip material? Will you scan about 10 different sites to find the best deal?

If so, you’re definitely exhibiting signs of a successful tech professional.

Since a lot of tech projects are complex, it’s important that tech professionals have good attention to detail and the willpower to match!

5. You like learning new languages, si?

Learning languages mainly uses the left side of your brain. If you love learning languages, you’ll love programming and coding because it means learning an entirely new language.

So, if picking up new languages comes easy to you, your brain will already be functioning in the right way (the left way).

6. Algebra was always easy for you

Working in tech is similar to working out algebra. They both need you to think logically and have the ability to follow formulas. If you were an algebra whizz, it’s likely you’ll take well to the formulaic world of tech.

7. Your family turns to you any time their internet’s down

Does this sound all too familiar? Are you losing your will to live because your family can’t get their tech together?

Well, my friend - this is a sure sign that the tech gods are calling you in. Your family’s tech issues may seem stupid simple to you, but chances are you have a natural ability and don’t even know it!

8. You have the patience of a saint

Patience is a key characteristic of tech workers. Tech projects are full of complications and intricacies - they take time to complete.

Tech workers need to have the patience to break big projects down into small pieces.

9. Technology excites you

Apple announces their latest iphone and you’re foaming at the mouth.

Isn’t everybody?

No. Believe it or not, a lot of people couldn’t care less about Apple’s latest iphone. So having an enthusiasm for this sort of thing is definitely a good sign that you’d enjoy the world of tech

10. You can rock a rubik’s cube

It takes a certain type of brain to solve a rubik’s cube. People that can solve rubik’s cubes are great problem-solvers. They have an incredible ability to apply logic and have strong visualisation skills.

These are all characteristics that will take you far in the world of tech.

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