To get the very best out of your interview, it's not simply a case of knowing about the role and how awesome you'll be doing it.

How well do you know the business?

Don't be fooled into thinking that you might not be asked for your opinion on the brand, it's values and a little background info to ensure you know your stuff.

A SWOT analysis is a great way of outlining what makes the company great, and where you could add a little something special in the way of development.

Nobody ever walked into an interview gushing about how perfect the company is. If they did, they probably came across as a suck-up. By highlighting a company's strengths and weaknesses, you show you've invested the time, taken the initiative and fully swotted yourself up on what's to come.


A SWOT analysis is an impressive and powerful tool when preparing to meet a potential employer.

It will help you establish the current performance of a business and uncover opportunities available to you as a prospective employee.

Conducting a SWOT analysis will demonstrate to an employer your ability to research, your understanding of the business, market awareness and your eagerness to join the company.

In a nutshell, SWOT analysis represents:

  • Strengths – what does the company do well?
  • Weaknesses – what may prevent goals and objectives from being achieved?
  • Opportunities – what opportunities are available to improve productivity or growth?
  • Threats – conditions that could damage the businesses performance


What does the company do exceptionally well?

  • Brand
  • Location
  • Standards
  • People
  • Customer Service
  • Competition


What might prevent the company from achieving their goals?

  • Standards
  • People
  • Customer Service
  • Location
  • Culture
  • Training


What could the company improve on?

  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Specific Markets
  • Website


Threats represent things which are external or beyond the Company's direct control or influence, for example:

  • Direct Competition
  • Indirect Competition
  • Local Roadworks
  • Technology
  • Economic Climate


If you are preparing a SWOT analysis for a role in Retail, you may wish to visit the store to gain a fuller understanding of the business.

Prepare your store visit by

  • Planning times - contact your People Pod consultant so they can speak to the Company and arrange a suitable date & time. This will ensure that someone will be expecting your visit, and will be available to spend time answering your questions.
  • Preparing questions – have a list of questions to ask, which will help your SWOT analysis, and prevent you from having to follow-up at a later date for further information.
  • Researching the market – understand the sector, principles and aims of the business, which you will be able to discuss with the person you meet with. It may be good to ask their opinions on certain factors to help your SWOT analysis further.

Should you have any queries regarding this visit please telephone your People Pod consultant.

You should endeavour to make your analysis as comprehensive as possible as this may form the basis of an exercise you may have to complete at an Assessment Centre or Interview. Take at least 2 copies of your analysis with you on the Big day.

Download your Free SWOT template