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To put it bluntly, our recruitment specialists are experts in helping high-growth organisations meet their ambitions by attracting, selecting and retaining the very best people available.

Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But the fact is, we deliver results. From single placements to high-volume recruitment solutions, we are proud of our track record of successfully placing one out of every three candidates we put forward to our clients. When the industry average is one out of every seven candidates, you know you’re doing something right.

What’s the secret to our market-leading track record?

Well, firstly we make sure we understand your business and its culture inside-out. Only after we have done that do we start looking for the perfect people to fit into your unique working environment - we’re only interested in round pegs in round holes.

How we find our candidates is pretty impressive, if we may say so ourselves. A modern recruitment business needs a modern way of working, so we have no interest in outdated recruitment methods.

Instead, we have innovative candidate identification and attraction techniques, which include powerful online and offline advertising campaigns, candidate pre-screening via video and a database that holds tens of thousands of Grade A candidates and is constantly updated all year round.

We aim to make the process of finding great people for your business as engaging and, dare we say, fun as possible. Care to join us?

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Sector: Digital & TechHead Office
Services: Campaign ManagementHead huntingRetained Recruitment ServicesTargeted Headhunt

I-COM Limited

I-COM are an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency in Manchester, with an impressive portfolio of local and international clients. They are truly a digital marketing agency like no other, and to constantly achieve their unrivalled client service results they have demanding needs for any future hires looking to join the team.
Sector: Retail & Hospitality
Services: Career SiteSocial RecruitingVolume Recruitment

Domino's Pizza

We all know Domino’s for their deliciously convenient takeaway food and dedication to saving the world from dismal dining. They approached The People Pod to exclusively resource all management level hires across the largest franchise in the South, whilst servicing other smaller franchises.
Sector: Retail
Services: Search & SelectionTargeted Headhunt


Apple approached The People Pod to discuss the opening of a new store that required a new tier of senior retail leaders. We were excited for the challenge...

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