We've Got You.

We’ve recruited our fair share of superhero candidates into some of the UK's leading brands. So when it comes to finding that top tier 10% of high calibre talent that will drive your business forward, you can expect a lot from us.

Though, like any high performing team, this is going to work much better if we do it together. So, consider us the first new addition to your team before we get started. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business, so we'll be keen to spend time on site with you, getting to grips with how things roll and understanding what your idea of an exceptional employee looks like.

In return for our expertise in finding the future leaders for your business, we have a few requests of our own…

What You'll Get from Us

  • Consider us your personal talent scouts. We'll use our finely tuned expertise to track down the talent not just on the market, but the very best in the market.
  • We're real 'people' people. So, we like faces, not screens. We won't hide behind the cosy comfort of our emails. Instead, we meet face-to-face with every candidate we feel makes the cut for your business before you meet with them yourself. This way, there are no nasty surprises and you'll only interview those that tick the boxes on your idea of awesome.
  • We don't believe in throwing enough jelly until some eventually sticks. We'll strategically position your vacancy where it's most likely to capture the highest quality talent. So, we'll use a number of tools and job boards, along with some highly creative wordsmithery (a bit like this) to ensure your advert captures the right attention.
  • We're thorough. So, we'll be keen to gather full feedback following your interviews, so that we can fully educate the candidate on areas for development or crucial next step prep. It also helps us to perfect our perception of your ideal hire. Everybody wins.
  • We're professionals. So, we'll address you with respect, represent you in a professional manner and recommend you with enthusiasm. But not in a creepy way.

Our Expectations of You

  • Oversharing is good. Everyone has a certain way of working, and our favourite way might not be yours. So, feel free to tell us if you have preferences in the way you'd like this to go. This way, we can work as part of your team, on your terms, and the way you like it.
  • It's all in the detail. We know you're busy. So please try to give us as much detail as possible regarding your brief, the role requirements and the essentials you're looking for in a successful candidate. We like to be sure we have all the facts, and then some.
  • It's good to talk. So please feed back to us as soon as you're able following an interview, so that your thoughts are fresh in your mind, and we can feed back to the candidate swiftly.