What Makes Us So Special?

We could use this page to dazzle you with our 'many years' experience' as a 'leading recruitment agency'. Though despite both being true, you're not here to be assured, you're here to be amazed. If you're on the search for candidates that break the mould, then we imagine you'll need a mould-breaking recruitment specialist to discover them. So, here's the good stuff you'll really want to know...

Our Ratio Is 1:3

For every three candidates we put forward, you'll love at least one enough to make them a part of your team.

The industry norm is one in seven, though we've hopefully already established that we don't settle for the usual standards. We've been known to achieve a higher hiring ratio, and we're sure you'll agree, two outta three ain't bad.

Face to Face Interviews

In a World hiding behind screens and smartphones, we love nothing more than a real life tete-a-tete. We interview each and every candidate in person before we send them your way. So you can rest assured you'll have only the best of the best taking a seat in your waiting room.

Multi Post Advertising & Job Tracking

Big fish don’t hang out in small ponds. So, without knowing where the real talent is, you certainly won’t know how to attract them. As a major advertiser on the largest national and specialised job boards, we’ll hand select the most appropriate sites to advertise your vacancies and track your responses in real time.

An Eye On Performance

We don’t believe in throwing enough jelly until some eventually sticks. We understand the market, we know what works and we keep up to speed with performance measures on your vacancies to ensure creative delivery and transparency every single time.

We like to communicate, communicate and communicate some more, especially when it comes to performance metrics and continuous methods of improving our successful recruitment process. We evaluate our success from sourcing to onboarding, then track to drive long -term business growth, employee productivity and engagement. From weekly candidate trackers to monthly KPIs, we take recruitment delivery incredibly seriously; we just don’t take ourselves too seriously!

A Retention Package As Standard

When we put so much effort into finding the right candidate and getting to know them enough to ensure they're perfect for your business, we have to admit it's sometimes hard to say goodbye. With talent this good, we're sure you'll feel the same way. So we maintain contact with candidates during weeks 1, 2, 4, 8 & 12 of their induction to ensure they're happy, you're happy and that we've paved the way for a long term relationship.

Video Job Descriptions

Video content is not only proven to engage much more effectively online, but we've found that our video job specs help to attract passive candidates, and increase referrals amongst the social media savvy. The recruitment game hasn't changed, but the way we do it has, and we're always keeping ahead of what grabs your audience's attention.

Reference Check

We don't like skeletons. So if there are any hiding in the closet of your latest recruit, we'll know about it. All of our candidates are fully reference-checked to ensure they join you with an impeccable track record.

Brand Ambassadors

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business. So we'll be keen to spend time on site with you, getting to grips with how things roll and what you consider to be a great culture fit within your team. As brand ambassadors for your business, we'll have our radars on for candidates that share a passion for your brand, work ethic, aspirations and dedication to service excellence.

A Growing Database

We won't try to impress you with the size of our database. Size isn't everything, right? Though we will say that our state-of-the-art database consists of 10,000's of high quality candidates in the retail, leisure, hospitality, digital and sales sectors, throughout the UK. We're a little fanatical about it, so we work hard to ensure our database is relevant, accurate and holds only the top class candidates you'd want to get to know. Our database fills 58% of our vacancies, so we're fishing in a very exclusive (and if we do say so ourselves, well maintained) talent pool.


Superheroes are rarely found sat waiting around for a chance to save the day. No, they're already out there, flapping their capes, saving kittens from trees and lapping up applause from passers-by. So if you're on the hunt for the very best talent, you'll often find them in the market, rather than on the market. Our team of recruitment specisalists are ex-industry professionals themselves, so when it comes to finding top calibre professionals, we know where they'll most likely be, grafting away and saving the day. Talent you'll definitely be wanting as part of your winning team.

Social Media

In conjunction with posting the latest job opportunities across our social media networks, we also share industry insight, opinions and tips with our active and enthusiastic connections. This is a great platform for passive candidates in your market to stay up to date with valuable industry insight whilst gaining exposure to your active roles.

Active Referrals

Superhero candidates tend to circulate around other superheroes and have a social circle brimming with super talent. Based on our lovely candidate reviews and our reputation to succeed, a large majority of our superheroes refer The People Pod to their friends, family and colleagues (Capes are desirable but not essential). We always show our appreciation and thank them with retail vouchers to spend as they wish.

Career Returners

The People Pods candidate engagement is verified by the vast number of professionals who continue to return to us as their go to recruiter. Please, feel free to look at the lovely testimonials we have had the pleasure in receiving. So many of our account managers have placed candidates at each stage of their career path; from Consultant, to Manager and ultimately Director level appointment.

The People Pod Website

Our site has an incredibly loyal following of professionals, who regularly browse our Job Search section. We also offer a ‘Latest Jobs’ feature that can be company branded to raise the profile of a particular recruitment campaign, thus increasing your response and brand exposure.