Let's Make A Deal Here.

We’ve recruited our fair share of superhero candidates into some of the UK's biggest brands. So, when it comes to finding a rewarding career you'll love waking up to each morning, you can expect a lot from us.

Though, naturally, we'll need a little from you in return. So, if you’re picturing rocking up to an interview without needing to fully prepare, we’re probably not the right consultancy for you. If on the other hand, you’re ready to work with industry experts who'll help to get you in front of some of the most successful brands in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.

In return for helping you bag the career you've always wanted (you're welcome), we have a few requests of our own…

What You'll Get from Us

  • Consider us your personal door-openers. We’ll use our network of contacts with leading brands to position you in front of the hiring managers with the ideal companies you want to work for. No scatter gun approach let’s have a coffee and discuss your skills, career history and aspirations then suitable match you one step closer to that dream job. We call this ‘the career you want, not the job you have’, time to shine, right?
  • We won’t teach you how to suck eggs (because who even does that?) but we’ll advise you throughout our 30 point candidate journey with a decade of industry experience, interview preparation, career advice and how to nail a CV that grabs the right attention. Our Account Managers are always available to support your new career move every step of the way. Best of luck!
  • We have ears, two of them to be precise. And we know how to use them. So, we’ll spend some serious time understanding what you love, loathe, where you get your career-related kicks and what the ideal career opportunity looks like for you… before we even set about finding it.
  • We like faces, real faces and real people. So, we always interview every candidate face to face, we never hide behind the comfort of our emails. We’ll meet with you in person over a coffee or via a video call to talk through your career goals, aspirations, interview game plan and really, anything else you want to talk over. (We may talk about our favourite high growth brands, top companies to work, psychological thrillers and our obsession with Manchester too. We like that stuff). To schedule a video call with one of our consultants, please contact us.
  • We're not afraid to ask questions. So we'll gather full feedback from your interviews and assessments, which we'll discuss with you along with plenty of savvy suggestions on where you can develop your performance.
  • We're professionals. So, we'll treat you like one too, and we'll always represent you in a fair and professional manner.
  • The People Pod website is not only jam packed with the latest job opportunities, it’s also brimming with a whole career advice section, an interview preparation section and our Blog section with useful company insight, opinions and tips. We find our professional candidates are amazingly loyal and regularly benefit by visiting these sections whilst searching through our ‘Latest Jobs’ feature too.
  • In conjunction with posting the latest job opportunities across our social media networks, we are pleased to share over a decade of industry insight, opinion and tips with our valuable candidates. This is a great platform to stay up to date with valuable industry knowledge whilst gaining exposure to The People Pods latest job roles.
  • The People Pods candidate engagement is verified by the vast number of professionals who continue to return to us as their go to recruiter. Please, feel free to look at the lovely testimonials we have had the pleasure in receiving (maybe one day you will be writing one too). Many of our account managers have nurtured candidates at each stage of their career path; from Consultant, to Manager and ultimately Director level appointment.

Our Expectations of You

  • Level with us. We like honesty, so we'd like to think that you'll be open with us with regard to what you tell us about yourself. This way, we can ensure your new career truly matches your skills and your personality.
  • Keep us to up speed. If you have a several opportunities on the table, or have interviews lined up elsewhere, just let us know. This way we can manage your application much more efficiently and avoid suggesting roles that aren't really your bag.
  • Act like you have the job already. No, really. If you're invited to interview, please arrive on time, appropriately dressed and fully prepared for what's expected of you. If it was your first day on the job, you'd want to impress. Go with this mindset, trust us.
  • During our time working together, we'll go through a lot. Hey, maybe we'll have a long and healthy business relationship at the end. So, we ask that you represent The People Pod in a fair and professional manner. This includes professional conduct at interviews and saying nice things about us when asked. (Of course, if you have something not nice to say, be confident enough to tell us, we can take it. Feedback helps us to develop, just like you).

Drop off your CV

At The People Pod, we believe in careers, not jobs. If you're looking for a change in your career - whether you're in sales, retail, digital, legal or even looking for an international role - our team of recruitment experts have your back.

We will use our decades of experience and vast network to help you meet your career ambitions, seeking out the employers and the working cultures that will bring out the best in you.

We place 1 in 3 candidates we put forward for a role (well above industry average) and work with huge brands and high-growth companies like Apple, AO.com and many more.

So, while you're passing through, take one minute to leave your CV with us and we'll take a look to see where we think you'd be awesome. Say hello to the future you.

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