Sector: Retail
Services: Campaign Management

The Brief

Castrads is the premier UK producer and supplier of cast iron radiators and other heating fittings. Having already grown an impressive online presence, Castrads were now ready to open a number of retail stores across the country to strengthen their brand. They wanted confident communicators at store level that understood the needs of the consumer and trade professionals alike.

They came to us, because world class communication and retail expertise is what we live and breathe...

The Challenge

It was an exciting time for Castrads, with a number of new store openings planned. This bold move required nothing less than top calibre talent to make an impact.

The successful candidates would not only be the face of the brand, but the fountain of knowledge to meet the needs of both consumers and trade professionals.

Everyone has heating but knowing how to advise others on the most efficient option requires a strong communicator with the ability to learn the ropes fast.

The Approach

After chatting with the team about their plans for brand development, we created a job brief, outlining what skills, experience and attitude the ideal candidate would have.

To keep costs to a minimum, we implemented a recruitment advertising campaign using cost-effective methods and a rigorous screening process to filter out only the very best talent.

As we knew personality was a deal breaker, we conducted video Interviews to assess candidates' confidence, customer service and whether they could cut it as an ambassador of the Castrads brand.

The Result

All stores opened on time and fully staffed ready for peak trading. We successfully adhered to the set cost per hire and ensured the new faces of Castrads were in place, ready to go by the planned start dates.

Castrads continues to enjoy excellent retention rates, and we regularly catch up with our candidates who tell us they're enjoying their new retail roles.

The Impact

With our support, Castrads enjoyed a seamless process with their new store openings, strengthening their brand message with a new retail presence.

Thanks to the success of the initial store launches, further stores are now planned to continue growing the Castrads brand and paving the way in heating supplies.

Happy candidates, growing clients. What can we say... we're on fire.

Nicholas Baylis - Director Castrads

The guys at the People Pod make a point of keeping things simple and straight forward. This approach resonated well with Castrads, as we needed a no-nonsense cost-effective recruiter that delivers results through people. After partnering with them for many years, I feel confident the People Pod are the go-to consultancy that can fully support our recruitment needs for the future.

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