Why Job Hunting Is Just Like Dating

So, Do You Come Here Often?

When you think about it, the job search experience is kind of like dating. The last one really wasn't satisfying you or making you feel valued, there was just no future. So you've made the tough decision to call it a day and find The One. (In case you weren't sure, we're talking about your career, not the love of your life, but hey, feel free to look for both).

You Use Your Network

Cast that net out there and let's see what we'll find! You might hear of opportunities through friends, be impressed with something that takes your eye whilst out and about, or most popular these days, you might find exactly what you're looking for online.

You'll reach out to a few, see what happens. You'll meet with a few companies, some you'll hit it off instantly with, others, not so much. But you enjoyed the free coffee anyway.

You Look Your Best

There's a fine line between looking the part and looking like you're about to play a part. Your outfit of choice for a date, or interview is a crucial decision. You want to impress, but not overkill. You want your personality to come across yet leave a little mystery. Judgments and opinions about you are formed in this first face to face meeting, and you plan to nail it.

You Prep

Pre-date prep takes a lot more work than we're prepared to admit to. The trimming, preening, bouffing, shaving, contouring, smoothing, and numerous changes of outfit... we want this to go well.

Likewise, pre-interview prep should follow suit. Though perhaps spend a little more time on perfecting your CV than moisturising your pins. Nobody's judging your pins.

You Do Your Homework

In an age where information is readily available at our fingertips, it's second nature to do a little research on who we're meeting. You want to know a little background, see what they look like, who else they're connected with.

You'll probably (and hopefully) clean up your social media profiles to look a little more professional, get rid of any embarrassing selfies and think up some witty questions to ask to get the conversation flowing.

You Follow Up

That modern dilemma. How long do you leave it before you follow up? Too soon and you might come across as over keen. Too long, and they might think you're not interested.

When you find the moment that works for you, you'll send an email (or in the dating case, Whatsapp) to say thank you for meeting, how lovely it was and maybe throw in a few clever remarks to remind them of what a great conversation it was.

You hope to meet again, so leave a cool but casual, 'I'm hoping to hear from you' to sign off. At this stage, you might even allow yourself a smug little smile. Ok, don't get too confident, you're not in there just yet.

You Get A Good Feeling About This One

After numerous different meetings, different places, different experiences, you eventually find one that just feels right for you. You fit well together, you can offer each other different valuable traits, it feels like a natural next step... oh, have I got, butterflies?

You Endure the Waiting Game

Oh, the wait. You watch your phone like a hawk, willing it to ring. You double-check your Wi-Fi connection. You take that phone everywhere you go, just in case. You wait... and wait....

You're Still Waiting

Why haven't they called? Did they just not like me? Do they prefer someone else? Should I call? You replay over the things you said, how you presented yourself. The more you think about it, the more you want it.

You Get the Message

Finally, it comes. The message that says it was great to meet you, they'd like to see you again. Relief. Excitement. Nerves. You can't wait to tell your friends, family, maybe change your Facebook status to share it with the world.

Yeah, don't do that, in either case, be cool and wait a few weeks. Your journey has only just begun.

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