10 Things That Happen When You Work in Retail

Working in retail requires world class customer service skills, strong product knowledge and a passion for your brand. Though with a retail career also comes several traits you may not have had previously, though will now become a fully ingrained part of who you are.

Here’s what you can expect…

Your Cheeks Ache

Smiling at hundreds of people for eight hours a day takes it toll on the cheeks. Though it's a great form of facial exercise and is said to help reduce wrinkles. Happy customers are created by happy retail professionals.

You Find Your Sales Feng Shui
You know full well that those accessories would sell way better if positioned closer to the counter. And you know that customers tend to walk past the higher priced items before they get to the sale rail. With this in mind, you get a little Feng Shui on your store to maximise sales opportunities.

You'll Change Your Style
Working in fashion retail often requires employees to wear brand attire for promotional purposes. Not to mention the staff discount you'll enjoy. So, you may find that your personal style transforms to that of your brand. Wear it with pride.

If you work in food retail, you may suddenly find a penchant for peri peri or a fondness for fine dining that wasn't there before. Embrace that quest for new flavours and enjoy a whole new dining experience!

You Become 'The One That Sorts It'
Friends and family rely on you to negotiate the best deals on the latest gadgets, report back on reviews of the latest trends and deal with any form of product exchange, because 'you know about this stuff.' ,

You Up Your Standards
You begin to choose food, appliances, tech gadgets and the latest apparel with much more thought about the benefits they have to offer, rather than the cost. Because understanding the value is what you do best.

You Discover A Way with Words
You’ll master the art of saying the exact same thing, about the exact same product, in seven creatively different ways.

You Find Your Cool
Angry customers don't happen every day. Though when one comes your way, you'll ready to handle what's thrown at you with a sense of calm and an 'I've got this' approach. Complainers don't faze you, you're just happy to rectify the problem. Everyone's a winner.

You Enjoy Relaxing Whilst Everyone Is at Work

Unsociable hours and weekends aren't everyone's cup of tea, though taking your day off when the rest of the world is working brings a sweet smile to your snoozing face, and the chance to hit the shops or the gym whilst they're quiet. Ahhh...

You Automatically Describe Everyday Items In Sales Mode

Your friends ask what you think of a particular new hotspot in town. Rather than saying, ‘yes, it’s great’, you go the extra mile. “Well, it’s centrally located with gastro style dining and an exceptional cocktail menu. Shall I book you a table now?”

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