7 qualities of recruiters winning the war on COVID

Wondering what it takes to be the recruiter that emerges out of the war against COVID smelling of roses?

If you find out, let us know.

We’re navigating uncharted territory and the reality is that the journey isn’t going to be pretty. But as a recruitment consultancy that was born on the eve of the 2008 recession, the team at The People Pod like to think we’ve got a few hard-earned lessons to share on what it takes to come out the other side (albeit with a few war wounds).

So if you’re prepared to do all you can to win the war on COVID, let’s march on and explore the qualities of recruiters who’re busy earning colonel status…

Qualities of successful recruiters in the COVID era

1. Resilience

People don’t like uncertainty and we’re living in uncertain times. That means candidates are less inclined to move jobs, and clients are less likely to make new hires or plan too far into the future.

To survive this period, you’ve got to be resilient enough to not fall down every time you hear the word ‘no’. This is a normal part of recruitment, but it’s hitting us all ten times harder since lockdown first began. Those that come out on top won’t have heard ‘yes’ the whole way through, but instead they’re the ones that were able to persevere through the rejection.

2. Personable

Make every call count.

It’s never been more important to know your network on a first-name basis and have them remember you too. With candidates and clients receiving an influx of calls from recruiters, you need to find ways to make yourself stand out beyond the job you’re offering. Your conversations need to be about understanding that person on the other end of the phone and developing long-term relationships.

Ways to become a more personable recruiter

  • Send a ‘thanks for the call’ text
  • Use video messages and voice notes
  • Ask how they’re coping with the pandemic
  • Relate to what your candidates are saying
  • Share articles that might be of interest to them

3. Proactive

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammed, you can bet your next commission that Muhammed’s got his trekking shoes on by now. In other words, the best recruiters out there are currently busy creating opportunities for themselves, unlike other recruiters who are, well…

>>Enter Tumbleweed<<

Having a quiet desk isn’t a crime, but doing nothing about it is.

There are still plenty of opportunities out there to seize. It all depends on whether or not you’re prepared to step up to the challenge.

4. Disciplined

It’s very easy for recruiters to have unproductive days scrolling the bottomless pit that is the LinkedIn feed when they’re not swamped with work. The key is to make yourself busy with the right tasks, and follow through with your pledges.

One of the most effective methods for achieving success is by planning. This means setting goals, and breaking your day down so you know exactly how you’re going to be spending every hour of every day in order to achieve those goals.

5. Skilled negotiators

Negotiation is a key skill for any recruiter and it remains just as important during this time.
With the volatility of today’s market, you need to secure every placement you can and that might mean negotiating at every stop of the recruitment cycle.

Negotiation might consist of agreeing mouth-wateringly good Terms of Business with the client, or it might mean opening candidates up to accepting a job offer that doesn’t tick every single box.

How to become a skilled negotiator

  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Paint a picture
  • Use emotive language
  • List benefits, not features
  • Empathise
  • Use facts and figures
  • Never concede, always trade

6. Adaptable

Being adaptable in the COVID era means looking for opportunities that don’t necessarily sit within your niche. It means having the skills to spot new opportunities and pick up new industries quickly by adapting your recruitment methods.

For example, a recruiter that’s used to scouring the depths of LinkedIn for executive search candidates might suddenly find themselves needing to learn how to recruit blue collar candidates - two very different bags!

Equally, you might have been able to make all your calls during office hours in a past life. But successful recruiters are currently doing whatever it takes to speak to their clients and candidates. Yes, even if it means catching a candidate at the crack of dawn as they make their way home from the night shift.

7. Good listeners

Sounds cliché but it’s a basic principle that so many overlook yet it’s an absolute non-negotiable, particularly in this day and age where competition is fierce.

You need to listen to both your clients and candidates and deliver on what they’re asking for. Why would a candidate or client bother entertaining you if they felt for a second that you’ve not listened to what they’ve said? There are plenty of other recruiters out there who will listen closely.

We get it, as salespeople you generally tend to have the gift of the gab and that’s great… But it’s all about balancing your love for talking with your ability to listen.

3 ways recruiters can become better listeners

  • Take notes during a call
  • Repeat the words your candidates and clients are using
  • Summarise the main points before ending the call

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