10 Things That Happen When You Work In Sales

Sales professionals are a certain kind of person. They're tenacious, driven, have a built in radar for opportunities and a tendency to make friends easily. Though with a sales career also comes a number of traits you may not have had previously, though will now become a fully ingrained part of who you are.

Here’s what you can expect…

You Become A Social Butterfly

Always the first to strike a conversation, you tend to make friends easily and when you do, you find they tend to stick around. You have that way about you.

You’re in your element when you’re out meeting new people, establishing new relationships and you love the thrill of that moment when a new partnership begins. It’s a beautiful thing.

You Negotiate
If a friend wants to meet a 7pm, you push for 7.30pm. If a discount says 20%, you push for 25%. Negotiating is in your DNA. You just can't help yourself.

You Graze
You're busy, a deadline is looming, and a large deal is about to close. Lunch happens when it happens. So, team desk-picnics are a frequent occurrence, as well as an endless supply of baked goods to keep your energy levels up.

You’re Always Switched On
You wake up in the middle of the night to check your email, you’re constantly checking for new opportunities and keeping up to date with new networking events.

You Become the Planner
Friends and family rely on you to negotiate the best deals, book the best tables and bag discounts on those weekends away and summer holiday plans.

You Up Your Standards
You begin to choose hotels, restaurants, tech gadgets and the latest apparel with much more thought about the benefits they have to offer, rather than the cost. Because understanding the value is what you do best.

You Discover A Way with Words
You’ll master the art of saying the exact same thing, about the exact same product or service, in seven creatively different ways.

You Preserve Your Battery Power
You feel genuine panic when your phone battery starts to die. You have a spare charger in the office and one in the car. Just in case.

You List Everything.
You make lists. And lists of your lists. With diagrams to organise your lists. You’ll also develop a love of Post-It notes.

You Automatically Describe Everyday Items In Sales Mode
Your friends ask what you think of a particular new hotspot in town. Rather than saying, ‘yes, it’s great’, you go the extra mile. “Well, it’s centrally located with gastro style dining and an exceptional cocktail menu. Perfect for young business professionals like ourselves.”

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