80% of ambitious recruiters that enter our fast-paced industry fail within the first two years.

Why? Many reasons. The life of a recruitment agent is tough. It takes a steely determination, a thick skin and people skills you just don't find so easily in today's social media age.

The high-pressure, changing behaviours and evolving industry causes a crisis of career choice, that's sent many running for the comfort of a cosy, yet unfulfilling desk job.

For the 20% that succeed, they don't get there by chance. It's a role that truly gives out the good stuff based on what you put in. Put in peanuts, and well... we hope you like peanuts. Give it your all, and it's one of the coolest jobs there are.

Here’s why...


Recruitment is about matching people to people. Unlike most business transactions, there's no win/lose situation.

A car salesman, if he's any good, will push for the highest possible price. The customer, savvy in their bargaining efforts, will push for the lowest. Ultimately, one of the two will feel as though they've come off with the short straw.

With recruitment, everybody's happy. Happy clients, happy candidate, happy recruiter.


The role of a recruitment consultant isn't just about placing great candidates with great brands.

We coach, motivate, educate, advise. We turn a nervous candidate into an interview dynamo, place unmotivated leaders within empowering businesses, and turn stretched teams into fully resourced powerhouses.

We do a lot, and the variety of the job means each day is different.


A real difference. Without getting egotistical about it, we change lives.

Candidates approach us because they feel undervalued, unchallenged and often unhappy. Business leaders rely on us to solve their issues of high-stress, poorly resourced, low performing teams. We bring the two together, with a great outcome.


Great recruiters measure everything. There really is nowhere to hide, which is why that 80% sought solitude somewhere hideable. We measure our own performance on the daily, against our own expectations, our competitors and our market.

It's a great feeling to see our success in black and white, on a daily basis. Or in smart charts. Whichever way we choose to display them.


Recruiters are 'people people'. We love to meet new faces, interact with different folk from different industries and backgrounds. We thrive in a networking environment and we're constantly learning from those around us.

Being able to work in a sector that allows us to meet new people daily is like getting paid to make new connections. Who wouldn't love that?

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