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The Benefits of Using A Recruitment Agency

When it comes to finding high performing talent to join your business, it takes time, patience, a lot of searching and extra resource.

You're not simply looking for people. People are everywhere. You're looking for that top 10% of talent that will drive your business forward. And they're often hard to track down.

By using a recruitment agency to aid your talent search, not only do you save valuable time, already limited resource and the hassle of sifting through CVs, you invest in a number of additional benefits to your business.

  • Expertise. Unless you have an internal recruitment team, or even if you do, the expertise of a recruitment agency extends your reach to different industries, markets and avenues where top tier candidates can be found. Expert recruiters do their job daily, for many years. They know where to look for the right people, both on the market, and off.
  • Cost savings. It is often assumed that bringing recruitment in-house will save on costs to the business. Though add up the cost of job board adverts for one-off jobs, creation of engaging ads and job descriptions, candidate information packs, plus the time taken by an internal team member to screen CVs and it's soon clear to see how one candidate can be expensive to track down. Recruitment agencies will often have allocations on the all the top job boards, so you can ensure that your job is advertised in all the correct places. All the admin of CV sifting, initial candidate screening and processing feedback takes time, and costs the business. A recruitment agency will handle this swiftly and at a much smaller cost.
  • An extension to your business. A great recruitment agency won't just post an ad and forward CVs. They'll screen, interview and vet all applications in the same way your HR team would. We meet face-to-face with every candidate we feel makes the cut for your business before you meet with them yourself. This way, there are no nasty surprises and you'll only interview those that tick the boxes on your idea of awesome.
  • Strategic advertising. Many companies will create one recruitment advert and post it in as many places as possible to generate interest. We don't believe in throwing enough jelly until some eventually sticks. We'll strategically position your vacancy where it's most likely to capture the highest quality talent. So, we'll use a number of tools and job boards, along with some highly creative wording to ensure your advert captures the right attention.
  • Peace of mind. A great recruitment agency usually has a proven track record finding the right talent for the job. When you meet with their hand-picked candidates, you can feel more confident with your final hiring decision. We know what great talent looks like. So, working with a recruitment agency will help you make a more assured decision.
  • Preparation. Whilst you're preparing for a series of interviews, we're busy preparing your candidates on what to expect. Not only does this ensure that you're interviewing only those that really want to join your business, but a well-prepared candidate will reduce any over-running interview slots with unnecessary questions or miscommunicated information. We fully educate every candidate on areas for development, interview preparation and a full background on your business. Saving you the need to explain 100 times how it all began...

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