The Benefits Of Headhunting

When recruiting for positions that require a specialist skill, a significant amount of experience or a certain something special, fishing within your usual talent pool may not quite deliver the goods.

You know exactly the type of person you feel would be the perfect addition to your business. You know they exist, perhaps you've even met with one. Though when the search begins, they're nowhere to be found.

Headhunting is a great recruitment method to use when searching for that one kind of candidate you just don't find on the mainstream market. Sure, it takes a little time, a savvy for knowing where to look, and a lot of determination in not stopping until you find them. Though when you do, you'll be glad you put the investment into your interests.

Our team have been headhunting senior level retail sales professionals, digital marketing minds and sales leaders for the past decade. We know the talent is out there, though they're not all waving to be seen. So, we use our tried and tested experience to tap into the places we know to find them, and once we do, we pull out all the stops to plant the picture of bringing their talent to join your business.

The Benefits of Headhunting

Not just a hire... the right hire.

Senior level staff can make or break your brands' success. Getting the right people in place is crucial to the future of the business. So, it's worth the investment in additional time and resource to secure a healthy and profitable future from within.

Approach candidates not currently in the job market.

There are millions of candidates on the job market. Though your ideal candidate may not currently be looking to make a move... unless they can be successfully persuaded. We target both candidates who are actively looking for a new career, and those that are excelling in their industry, yet not considering a fresh challenge. Because the best talent isn't always right in front of you.

Assistance with offers and negotiation.

Once you've found the perfect professional for the role, it's crucial that your offer is of value enough to engage, persuade and gain their commitment to joining your business. Their current employers will be keen to keep hold of their talent, because why wouldn't they? We use our senior-level experience to advise on appropriate benefits and salary packages, as well as keeping our eye on what your competitors might offer, should they be keen to attract the very same talent.

Top talent costs your business to find.

Statistics suggest that a senior-level appointment that doesn't work out could cost your business around 3 times the candidate’s annual salary. So based on a £100,000 package, it could cost you £300,000 plus the set back of not having a team member in place to fulfil the role if you get it wrong. Furthermore, those that report to senior level employees can quickly become unsettled when a leader makes a departure. You'll need a robust strategy to minimise the risk of a poor hire and ensure you recruit right first time. That's where we can help.

If you have a vacancy that requires a more strategically targeted recruitment approach, speak to the team about our headhunting practices and how we could help you find the next big driver behind your business.

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