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The Agent Anatomy

If you're considering becoming a Recruitment Agent, there are a few built-in traits you'll need to have up your sleeve.

You’ll already be in the recruitment game, so you know how it works. You'll have an attitude that just won’t quit and a talent radar that spots a great candidate at a hundred paces.

As a People Pod Agent, you'll be made of tough stuff. You'll have a natural charm which makes you a great people person (it’s clear to see why you make friends so easily).

Your drive to succeed is almost as big as your personality and you tread the fine line between confidence and cockiness. A love of money goes down well too, as we’ll reward your dedication with a generous commission package and some seriously nice perks.

What's A Winning Agent Made Of?

Well, mainly oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Plus a few other essentials...

  • A confident networker. You're always be ready to establish and develop new client relationships. That’ll be the natural charm doing its thing.
  • Your eyes are always open for a sales opportunity. You know what you’re after, and you’re hell-bent on getting it.
  • You love to talk. On the phone developing business with new clients, or over coffee to explore new opportunities.
  • You know what a great candidate looks like... and won’t quit until you find the perfect match.
  • A witty way with words and creative flair means you’ll put out adverts that smack impact and capture the right attention.
  • You ask questions. Lots of questions. Because you know that thoroughly interviewing candidates and ensuring they’re fully preparing for interview is what separates a regular recruiter from a talent-hunting action hero.
  • You negotiate. Because you know the value of great talent and you’re confident enough to negotiate offers.
  • You’re real. No smoke and mirrors, you’re genuine, not afraid to be honest and confident in making decisions. That’s why people like you. We’re sure we will too.

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