Location: East LONDON
Salary: £30,000 - 40,000
candidate in retail management

A very ambitious and professional Flagship Retail Store Manager, with a wide range of experience and retail management skills. Proven leadership abilities, including managing, developing and motivating large mobile telecoms teams to achieve their objectives. Highly skilled at setting clear expectations of standards and performance, this high-achiever is now looking for a fresh challenge, preferably within a mobile telecoms retail environment. A strong team player with first class record of achieving sales targets and delivering an unrivalled customer experience.

Key Skills
General Management
Commercial Awareness, Communication, Competitor Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Multicultural Awareness, Networking, Numerical
Customer Obsession, Profit and Loss Control, Retail Operations Management, Space Management, Stock Control, Store Presentation
Rapport Building, Sales Management

• In the space of one financial year the business moved from being the least profitable in Europe to the most profitable.
• In January 2006 became the first store in stores history to achieve £1 million revenue in one month.
• Reduced internal shrinkage from £100 000 to less than £10 000 annually.
• Won Top National Gross Margin branch, Top Gross Margin London Division, Top National Talk Talk against budget.
• Throughout 2005-2007 the store has won over 20 awards, including Best Store in London division.
• The highest earning manager ever within the company 2005-2006.

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