Sales Job? Sold!

If you’re just getting started on that shiny career, and considering a job in sales, we have over a decade's experience in recruiting sales executives for some of the UK’s leading retail, fashion and hospitality brands. So, we know a great salesperson when we see one, and what a great career opportunity looks like for an ambitious sales professional.

Sales careers have changed a lot since back in the day when we think of door-knocking sales reps or phone-hammering robots trying to get us to buy double glazing. Today, the role of a sales executive is one of individuality, flexibility and often a dash of glamour if you get lucky.

So, what does a sales role look like? Let us sell it to you...

It’s Sociable

Whether you’re in the office with a small team, one of hundreds in a fast-paced contact centre, or our on the road meeting with new clients, sales is a job for sociable types. You might be tackling teambuilding activities with your entire company or out wining and dining with long-term clients. So, you’ll need a personality that just loves to be around people, and screams ‘team player’.

It’s Growable
Career progression in sales is the norm. A growing business keeps hold of great sales teams, through performance-related rewards and internal promotion. Whether you plan to progress into a management position, overseeing your own team of sales rock stars, or move into different sectors such as retail sales, pharmaceutical sales or selling a service, the ladder is a short one to climb if you're prepared to put the graft in.

It’s Rewarding
While a standard nine to five role might offer a great salary, how long until you’re ready for more? Working in sales allows you to earn as much as you can handle, often through commission on sales and performance related bonuses. Smash your targets and you might not just bump up your bank balance, you could enjoy perks such as experience days, shopping vouchers or trips abroad.

It’s Fun

The culture of a sales environment is like no other. If you’re new to sales, don’t be surprised to see teams ringing bells, making their own team chants and heading out for the obligatory post work fizz fest. Sales executives work hard and play harder.

It’s A Stepping Stone

While in most other jobs, you might train specifically for a certain sector, sales shows no limitations. Once you’ve made your mark in a sales role, you can branch out into other industries, or even different countries working abroad. There are opportunities to progress upwards or horizontally, giving you plenty of scope for a great sales career.

It’s Flexible

Many sales executives might work office hours, though as your customers are usually at work themselves during this time, you might find your shifts reflect your audience. So, a typical day might consist of an earlier start and early dart, or you might enjoy a lie in and work later into the evening. The flexibility is great for those that have other commitments or love those duvet days when the rest of the world is at work.

It’s Up to You

As a sales professional, you’ll for the most part, plan your own working day. Based on the targets set, you decide how you’ll run your empire of one. The freedom to schedule your own time in a way that works best for you means you’ll work to your best ability, dancing to your own beat.

Ready to Rock In Sales?

  • Unlimited earning potential for target-smashers and sales execs with drive.
  • The opportunity to branch out into different industry sectors.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Freedom to plan and structure your own working day.
  • A company car and mobile phone if you're out in the field.
  • Opportunities to earn bonuses and rewards.
  • Fast-track management programmes for those hungry to progress.
  • The opportunity to influence through new product development.
  • Networking. All the networking.
  • In-house training and development.
  • That warm fuzzy feeling you can when you make a sale. On the daily.

Speak to the team about our latest sales vacancies or register your CV and we’ll get cracking on finding you a great new sales career.

Sales Job? Sold!

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