What Makes Your Talent Tick?

Whilst many professionals have that 'I love what I do' approach to their career, for others, it takes a little more motivation to keep them performing to their best.

Many businesses are taking the time to master what exactly it is that makes their top talent tick and offering personalised tokens of appreciation for their dedication to getting the job done.

Before you start to clutch tightly at those purse strings, or send the FD into a blind panic, employee reward isn't about lavish benefits that break the budget. Small gestures go a long way, so we've put together a few creative ideas on how you can bring a little motivation to your manpower, with minimal effort, for huge gains.

Free Eats

Workplace lunches are a great way to bring a team together. A fast-paced, high performing team doesn't always make time for lunch, so a catered dining experience will certainly brighten their afternoon.

Go for a themed lunch relevant to your business or surrounding a public holiday. Or go contemporary with the latest dining trend for experiential dining. Think self-serve BBQ stations, baked potato bars or lay it all out in the boardroom with a Mexican fiesta.

Fresh Kit

Create awareness for your brand, as well as offering employees something of value. We live in Blighty, so an umbrella is usually the top of any employee essentials list. Brand your brolly with your company logo or mission statement.

Parking Perks

...because the long walk to the office without the branded brolly isn't always a pleasurable one.

Whether you dedicate an “Employee of the Month” parking spot or offer a car park lottery, employees will love the idea of shortening their morning commute / avoiding the downpour / trekking in heels before 9am.

Big Bonuses

Sales professionals are driven by a love of money. So they work hard to seal in their additional earnings through commission each month. Offer your top performing sales execs something a little extra. It could be Best Customer Service, Highest Sales Achieved or Best Customer feedback Rating. These added bonuses encourage employees to focus on the overall customer experience, as opposed to just closing the sale.

Early Darts

Offer your top performing employees an early dart. Either on a day that suits the business, or on a day of their choice. The opportunity to miss the traffic and enjoy a little extra down time will add some extra motivation to their day.

Work Hard, Play Hard

A rec room in the workplace brings teams together, helps employees to recharge and refocus, plus is a great attraction for potential new recruits. Work with the space you have. A pool table, vending machines, comfy sofas...

Encourage employees to make it their own by bringing their own magazines, books or video games to the area.

No matter how large or small, rewarding your employees shows how valued they are to the business. By offering tokens of appreciation, you keep your teams happy, productive and more likely to stay.

If you need assistance with your retention strategy, speak to the team about our candidate retention processes, to ensure that once you attract the right people for the role, it's the beginning of a long-term partnership.

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