Five Signs It's Time To Leave Your Job

Monday Haters... Duvet Dayers and Challenge Seekers.

We’ve all heard or experienced the burnout from working in a high-pressure environment, or the stress that can come from slogging away in an unrewarding career. Sometimes, we just know when enough is enough and it's time to dust off that CV in preparation for something new.

If you’ve experienced any of the below then it’s probably time to get started on that shiny new career move, before the boredom burnout sets in.

1. Monday mornings fill you with genuine dread

Hey, we all hate Monday mornings. Wrenched from our sleep to the shrieking of our alarm, anticipating the cold, long commute... not really anyone's idea of a good time after a weekend of socialising.

However, this is very different to actually dreading Monday morning. If you’re feeling sick with dread every Sunday evening and praying each week that you'll win the lottery just so you don’t ever have to go back to your job, then now is the time to look for something new. Or at least buy a lottery ticket. You must play... not pray if you want to win.

2. You regularly throw sickies

Go on, be honest. How many sickies have you thrown this year? Really, that many? If you’ve got a hangover, really want to enjoy the rare burst of sunshine or just can’t be bothered every now and again then that’s one thing (not that we’re condoning it, tut tut!) but if you’re calling in sick on a semi-regular basis just so you don't have to face work, then it’s time to start the search for your new career.

3. You’re not reaching your full potential

So, you’ve been doing your role for a couple of years now and feel like you can do it with ease. With your eyes shut. Whilst simultaneously Whatsapping your friends to make plans for the weekend. The job is too easy, you need a bigger challenge. It's always advisable to speak to the boss first and show an interest in taking on more responsibility. If that doesn’t work, then it may be time to take your experience elsewhere.

4. Monster boss

We’ve all had one. The monster boss. Whether they're making your life a misery through overloads of pressure, unrealistic targets or overlooking you for promotion, a bad boss can be a real nightmare. Considering you spend more time with your colleagues than your own family, it's crucial that you have a strong and respectful working relationship with the boss. If it's just not happening, it's time to move on. We're sure you've already played out the scenario of handing in your resignation...

5. You just want something else

Sometimes, you’ve just reached the end of the road with your current role and feel it’s the right time to move on. This is always the nicest way to leave things, on a high, with a pat on the back from the boss if you're lucky enough to get one.

If you just feel it’s your time then don’t be put off by the stories of the tough job market, dust off your CV and start to put together a few applications to test the water. It may be the start of a new chapter for you.

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