Client Case Studies

To deliver great work it takes great clients. Clients who fully understand and embrace how we work, as much as we fully understand and embrace them too.

Over the years, we've worked with many UK leading brands, industry innovators and ambitious organisations that recognise the key to business success... the people.

Our clients tell a great story. Here’s what some of them say about their recruitment campaigns we’re proud to have been part of….

Perhaps you’d like to join them?

Sector: Sales
Services: Search & SelectionTargeted Headhunt

Watson's Fuels

World Fuel Services decided to increase their sales force and wanted sales executives with proven experience to hit the ground running, seek out new business opportunities and maintain their outstanding service...
Sector: Retail
Services: Campaign Management


Having already grown an impressive online presence, Castrads were now ready to open a number of retail stores across the country to strengthen their brand.
Sector: Retail
Services: Search & SelectionTargeted Headhunt


Apple approached The People Pod to discuss the opening of a new store that required a new tier of senior retail leaders. We were excited for the challenge...
Sector: Head OfficeRetailSales
Services: Head huntingRetained Recruitment ServicesSearch & SelectionVolume Campaign Management


AO is a major UK supplier of household appliances with a modern and exciting approach to the market. When it comes to cutting-edge appliances without the premium price tag, these guys certainly know their stuff.
Sector: Retail & Hospitality
Services: Career SiteSocial RecruitingVolume Recruitment

Domino's Pizza

We all know Domino’s for their deliciously convenient takeaway food and dedication to saving the world from dismal dining. They approached The People Pod to exclusively resource all management level hires across the largest franchise in the South, whilst servicing other smaller franchises.
Sector: PropertyTrade
Services: Search & SelectionSocial RecruitingVolume Campaign Management


Brickworks Limited is Australia’s best building products group. To achieve the dream, they needed a number of highly skilled professionals to emigrate to Australia to help develop and grow their leading group of building product companies.
Sector: Sales
Services: Retained Recruitment ServicesTargeted Headhunt

Park Leisure

With ten award-winning holiday parks in the UK, the Park Leisure team were keen to centralise the initial sales function and ensure a slick customer journey for holidaymakers and weekend breakers...

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