Behavioural Profiling

"It has been estimated that some 70 per cent of UK organisations test their workforce either for personality or ability before making a job offer or conferring a promotion."

Psychometric testing is now a fundamental part of recruitment. It's a chance to assess your own strengths, personality and how you work within a team. Prospective employers will get a better understanding about what makes you tick and how you behave in certain situations.

There are many forms of psychometric analysis.

The People Pod uses a number of internationally recognised tests.

A profile will help you focus on your strengths and differentiate yourself from others at interview. You can also generate easy to understand profile reports which can be passed on to prospective employers.

Ask us about conducting a behavioural profile for your application.

Profile Me!

Why Do I Need A Behavioural Profile?

  • Stand out from your competition through a solid understanding of your own behavioural traits
  • Discover how you work best in stressful, challenging, fast-paced or high pressure environments
  • Get to grips not just with what you're great at, but where you could develop too
  • Offer a potential employer a supplement to your CV to show your passion and determination for success
  • Use your own results to help you understand others in your team and how they best fit within a team project

What Kind Of Team Player Are You?

In any group situation, there will always be certain people that come to the front, and others that wait in the wings. Behavioural profiling will help you to decipher where you fit into a working group best, in order to get the most out of your own skills, and the project itself.

We've comprised a few types of individual to help you get to grips with where you sit on the team scale...

The glue

The glue keeps the group going, and is usually the first to get, well, stuck in. When the ideas begin to dry up, they're there ready with plenty of brainstorming ideas and group activities to keep everyone focussed.

The sponge

The sponge sits back and lets the conversation flow. They're taking it all in, though they don't say much. They simply absorb all of the information around them in order to make an informed decision. They never pounce on an idea without having all of the facts.

The machine

You can always rely on the machine to take on a little more, work a little harder or make a small idea come alive. Some might say, they're taken for granted. Though they're constantly developing through their own initiative and quietly honing all the skills.

The planner

This person really wants everyone to get their stuff together and loves to make lists. So many lists. Post-it notes, Trello boards and spreadsheets galore. Though ask them for information and they have it at the drop of a hat. The planner is the source of all knowledge. They store it in several locations, just to be sure.

The artist

Creative types have a tendency to get caught up in their world of imagination. They might not always be the clearest communicators but they see a bigger picture. Whilst the rest of the team are planning what will happen, the artist is already dreaming up creative concepts on how it will smack impact. Every team benefits from a creative thinker in the group—someone who can deliver fresh ideas and solutions that let the team’s work stand out from the crowd.

The negotiator

Because just when a plan comes together, there's always a better way. The negotiator doesn't settle for second best. They're constantly taking the ideas presented and trying to make them bigger, better, more cost effective and less draining on resource. A great person to have in a team when decisions need to be made and deals are to be done.