Which Sales Job Is Right For Me?

Sales careers have come a long way from the days of door-knocking and leaflet dropping. Today's sales jobs vary more than any other career option.

To carve out a successful career in sales, you'll need a confidence that doesn't quit, and the ability to make even the most undesirable product or service be the perfect solution to your consumers. You'll more than likely receive some training in your new sales role, though a natural born salesperson has a certain indefinable ability to just hit the ground running. Great shoes maybe.

So, you've decided you can cut it in a sales role. But where do you fit best? Let's take a look...

I work best...

On the Phone

You're great on the phone, thanks to killer conversational skills and the ability to make a connection with those you don't know.

How well do you cope with a high-pressure environment?

I Love It!

You're a target smasher, who loves the fast pace of a sales environment. You have a radar for spotting opportunities and a strong skill for closing a sale.

You'd make a great Outbound Sales Advisor.

I Prefer A Softer Pace

If the hard sell isn't your cup of tea, you may be suited to more of a customer service role.

You may handle enquiries from existing customers, and be tasked with selling additional services or upgrades, dependant on their needs.

You'd make a great Inbound Sales Advisor.

Face To Face

You're a people person to the end. You love to network, excel in presenting in person and thrive off meeting new people on the daily.

Which do you prefer most when it comes to teamwork?

Working as A Team

You love the buzz of a team, collaborating on ideas and pulling together to hit a group target.

You're confident presenting ideas to a group, clearly and effectively. You also have a strong understanding of what makes a great sale.

You'd make a great Sales Team Leader or Sales Manager.

Working Alone

You're a lone hunter. You accept your challenge and then head off into the great outdoors to achieve your aim.

You love to network, are confident working a room and love to meet new faces.

You'd make a great Field Sales Executive or Business Development Manager.

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