Motivating Your Team

Motivating Staff
To get things done these days, working as a team is imperative.
A highly motivated team is a sign of a good manager. And a happy team is generally a successful one. 
Motivating your team | Employer AdviceMotivating a team doesn’t always mean chants and cheerleading - you can't always motivate people by yelling "Go team go!" at the end of each morning meeting. Motivation is a more complex process, and involves creating an environment in which people want to work and produce results.
Being able to motivate your team successfully starts with wanting the best for your people. Finding out about them, their needs and ambitions and will help you find what motivates them and avoid employees clock-watching their way through the day and lacking the want to strive for more. Without knowing the team properly you will not know which strings to pull to get the best out of them, as every individual is motivated differently.


Look in the Mirror
  Before you can motivate others you need to be motivated yourself, set the example for the team. If you are enthusiastic, your team will share the sense of excitement. A managers’ actions and attitude will have a great influence on the rest of the staff. Let your staff know that your door is always open. Support and listen to their ideas and concerns. Create a family atmosphere where people feel they can trust and support one another through the good times and the bad.
Huddle Up
  Make sure you have a mission statement and that your employees understand why their role is important to the overall success of their company. Forget about the ‘desert island’ scenarios and forcing a team together to solve a puzzle - simply strengthen the notion that your company is a team and that when you win, they win too. Even if it's a small gesture like ordering in lunch for everyone after a big deal is signed, make sure they share in the successes.
Money can’t buy you happiness
  Money is not the only thing that will motivate your staff to perform. Think outside the box for different ideas of rewards and incentives, for instance, allowing staff to finish early, flexible working hours etc. When you are flexible with the needs of your employees you will find they become more flexible around their job.
  When employees are bored with their jobs, it generally shows. You notice it, and so do your customers. When you interview employees for a job, take time to ask about areas of interest and wherever possible incorporate them into their role. Giving employees an opportunity to learn new skills and pursue special interests may be one of the most effective things you can do to motivate them to be successful. If your staff are ready for extra responsibility, then give it to them, but continue to support them along the way. This will elevate them and give them an extra lift. Generally ambitious people are always looking for opportunities to progress and they believe the extra skills they will gain will make them more marketable in the future.
  Once you determine strategies for motivating your employees, your next task is to decide what you want to motivate them to do. Set them a challenge to keep them involved. It may be as simple as sitting down and talking about what you hope they can achieve and what you can do to help them meet your expectations. It makes sense to note it down on paper so that you both have a clear understanding of those expectations. Keep in mind that your employees may be intimidated by a term such as “performance review” but there are valid reasons to sit down with each employee once or twice a year to talk specifically about their job. This is a time to review accomplishments and set objectives. You might break the discussion into the following topic areas:
1 Performance goals and objectives
2 Skills and knowledge development
3 Process and Methods
4 Career Opportunities
5 Feedback
Have FUN!
  The culture of your business is vitally important. Remember, we spend over a third of our time at work and if you have an environment that's fun to be in, then your staff will be more motivated and ultimately more productive.
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