Managing Performance

Managing staff performance requires your business to balance caring and developing your people whilst ensuring that business and organisational goals are achieved. Good managers strive to achieve a balance between the two with the overall needs of the business in mind at all times. This requires them to strike a balance between compassion and accountability and will involve judging each individual situation on its own merit and implementing an action and management style that is suitable.

For a business, cost implications of poor performing staff can be high due to areas such as:

Lower performance/productivity amongst staff
Reduced quality of products/services
Reduced customer/client service
Lack of innovation/new ideas
Increased difficulty in recruiting talent

This creates a strong case for business’ to invest in ‘getting it right’, otherwise they will fail to maximize the return on investment in their employees. This may mean managers will have to rise to the challenge of having tougher conversations with employees whose contribution is not adding the best value. However, by creating a motivational and engaging culture it will enable individuals and organisations to succeed, thereby truly unleashing potential.

There are a number of methods a business can use to measure performance such as:

Regular performance reviews
Active management of poor performers
Setting stretching development targets
Job shadowing
Use of performance related pay
Once a business has identified staff underperformance it needs to find out “Why?”. Poor performance could be down to any number of issues from personal to lack of knowledge or training. In many cases though it is simply down to a lack of understanding of what is expected and a large amount of performance problems can be traced back simply to a failure to explain and agree expectations and/or a failure to understand and provide the help that person needs.
If an employee is under performing and performance management is needed the employer should:
Set clear expectations of performance
Be objective when assessing performance
Manage effectively the under-performing employee
Conduct a formal performance review and appraisal
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