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Managed Advertising | Candidate AttractionThe People Pod’s Managed Advertising Campaigns provide the writing, designing and booking of recruitment advertisements in quality newspapers or trade magazines on your behalf. As part of this service, The People Pod will also manage the advert response and screen all suitable candidates who apply. Easy! This is an extended service to the natural search and selection process provided by The People Pod and is designed to reach passive candidates (those who may not be actively seeking a new job role) in the market place.

The People Pods’ Managed Advertising Campaigns are beneficial when:

The role requires a specific set of skills or industry knowledge i.e IT Executives
The role is in a remote location with minimal suitable candidate demographics
If the position needs to be filled urgently
There are a number of jobs
The position / company have either a good benefits package, a great training programme or high status appeal to offer potential candidates
Both active and passive job-seekers are required to be targeted
On organising Managed Print Advertising, our Advertising Specialists will always discuss your requirements with you, to assess any particular audiences you wish to address or any specific criteria.
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