'FREE' CV Templates

Free CV Templates

You’ve identified your dream job, found a vacancy and are about to submit an application. So how do you go about creating a knock-out CV which will maximise your chances of gaining that interview?

Busy recruiters receive hundreds of CV applications every day, and often only spend 30 seconds initially skim-reading your CV. You have to get their attention... Quickly.

The literal translation of Curriculum Vitae means the ‘story of your life’, and therefore your CV is one of the most important marketing tools in demonstrating your suitability for a role. 

A well-presented CV demonstrates your ability to communicate and sell yourself the best way possible. 

The People Pod has provided some free CV templates to help you to create that knock-out CV…

Achievement Based CV Template

Useful for Sales positions:
The Achievement Based CV template is ideal for displaying your key achievements when applying for sales positions. This allows you to grab an employers' attention and make them want to know more about your amazing talents...
Format - doc          Size - 86kb

Skills Based CV Template

Useful for Customer Service or IT roles:
Suitable for Customer Service or technically skilled candidates, the Skills Based CV template allows you to highlight your key skills in relation to a particular role. A potential employer is able to see at a glance, the skills and attributes you have to offer...
Why not try this Free CV Template - ideal for Skills Based CVs
Format - doc          Size - 89.5kb

Internet Friendly CV Template

The Future Proof CV Template:
With online job boards becoming a more and more popular, time-saving way of getting your CV out there to the right people, The People Pod have created an Internet Friendly CV template to help you make the most of your CV.
Using keywords relevant to your current, and desired position, this CV template allows you to maximise the potential of your CV coming up in an employers' search.
Thus, maximising your potential for bagging that all important interview...
Format - doc          Size - 80kb

Retail Management CV Template

Useful for Retail Management roles:
Suitable for retail management opportunities, the retail management CV template allows you to highlight your key achievements in relation to a particular role. A potential employer is able to see at a glance, your achievements and the size of retail businesses that you have managed previously.
Format - doc          Size - 96.5kb
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Behavioural Profiling
A psychometric profile can be an excellent addition to your CV. Employers will get a better understanding about what makes you tick and how you behave. You will also be prepared if an employer asks you to complete a psychometric test as part of your application.
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