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"You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression."

A cliché, yes, but as far as your CV goes, it certainly rings true. CV Superhero | Career Advice

Your CV outlines your background, strengths and key attributes, and is the first way of selling yourself before interview stage.  A great CV is the difference between a potential employer reading about you and being mildly impressed, or eager to meet you to find out more! 

To write a great CV takes time, but the time spent is a valuable investment in your future career.

There are no hard and fast rules to creating a great CV, but the following points will give a valuable edge to any job application:


Create A Profile
The beginning of your CV should introduce you to the reader. This should be 1-2 paragraphs of your background and key strengths. This is your first opportunity to sell yourself and encourage the reader to read on…
Shout about your achievements
List in bullet points, your main achievements, using figures and percentages where possible, to back them up. (Obvious, yes, but make sure they are impressive achievements – an employer looking to recruit a high flying sales executive really won’t be that impressed about them passing their driving test! You get the idea…)
Keep it relevant
Your CV should reflect your ability to perform the role you are applying for. Highlight the skills and experience you have, similar to that required for the role. Demonstrate why you would be the perfect candidate for the role and leave off anything that has entirely nothing to do with the job you are applying for.


Write War & Peace
Your CV should ideally be 2 sides of A4. It is not an essay of your life so far. It is a snapshot of your experience, and should make an employer keen to know more about you (which you will discuss when you land that interview!)
Unnecessarily create superfluous complications
Writing your CV like a legal document, or the Queen’s speech has no benefits. Don’t waffle unnecessarily or overuse the thesaurus – a Refuse Collection Specialist is still, a bin man. It’s what you achieved that’s important. Stop waffling.
Do a Da Vinci
Using fancy fonts, images and formats will only detract from the real message you are trying to portray. Keep it standardised in black ink and a legible font size. The People Pod have created some CV templates to help take the fuss out of formatting your CV. 

Example CV

CV Example

Once you have completed your CV, make sure you proof read it, and ask a friend or family member to do so too.
Gramer  Grammar
Clear and concise text
Once you have produced a great CV, it can be used as a template for all future applications, so long as you update and amend it accordingly. Get it right, and it will represent you in obtaining an interview for the job you’ve always wanted…
Good Luck!
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