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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002936
Salary: £30,000 - 40,000
Experienced and innovative Sales Manager with sophisticated sales, customer service and business administration skills within the Telecoms sector.

Smart, professional and articulate, with the ability to communicate at all levels, this candidate is a success driven, confident and persuasive team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance.

Now looking for a Senior Sales or Sales Manager role in the South-East, this driven Manager offers a wealth of telecoms knowledge and the ability to motivate any fast paced sales team.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002935
Location: Yorkshire - West Yorkshire - CASTLEFORD
Salary: £60,000 +
A B2B Regional Sales Manager with a proven track record of successful sales, teambuilding and record-breaking revenue generation. Managing Area Sales Managers and Sales Executives for a reputable telecoms company, now looking for the opportunity to build and lead a new sales team to achieve above performance targets.

This is an extremely high-profile candidate with extensive knowledge and experience in mobile telecoms environments, and an impressive portfolio of achievements to demonstrate abilities.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002934
Location: South East - Hampshire - BASINGSTOKE
Salary: £20,000 - 30,000
A real team player, this motivated and money hungry Telecoms Sales Executive has a strong background in telecoms sales. Experienced in cold calling, fact finding, objection handling and with impressive conversion rates of closing sales, this candidate is a proven sales professional. This ambitious Sales Executive relishes a challenge and feels that they provide strong results under pressure. They now seek to bring their telecoms sales experience, upbeat personality and natural confidence, to a dynamic sales team where they can progress.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002933
Location: South West - Avon - WINSCOMBE
Salary: £30,000 - 40,000
Sales Manager with outstanding leadership skills and a proven track record in driving large mobile telecoms sales teams. Experienced in B2B, Account Management, Business Development, cold calling and training sales teams, this Sales Manager now seeks a fresh environment in which to make a significant contribution to sales, and where career progression will be encouraged.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002932
Location: North West - Warrington
Salary: £40,000 - 50,000
A successful and Competent Sales Director with vast experience within the telecoms sector. A natural leader who believes in leading by example, this Sales Manager is extremely target driven and experienced in running small teams through to larger operations. Experienced in B2B, Business Development, building solid client relationships, smashing sales targets and motivating high performing teams, this candidate is now ready for a bigger challenge. Not afraid to get stuck in to get the job done, this Sales Manager would like a North-West / Cheshire based role within a successful, fast-paced organisation.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002930
Location: South East - PORTSMOUTH
Salary: £30,000 - 40,000
An experienced Field Sales Executive and Account Manager with extensive experience within the telecommunications sector. Broad knowledge of carriers, networks, resellers, hardware, and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

With a background in B2B, progressed from a retail environment to an office-based account management role, this driven sales professional is now looking to establish further success, and progress within a successful media organisation.

Sales-focussed and an effective closer of new business. This candidate is a genuine team player for achieving goals.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002927
Location: West Midlands - STOKE-ON-TRENT
Salary: £40,000 - 50,000
Outbound Sales Executive for a leading mobile telecoms retailer. Experienced in telesales, cold calling, objection handling, fact finding, customer service and business administration skills.

This candidate possesses high personal integrity and the ability to relate to and engage others on all levels. Highly articulate, confident and a persuasive team-builder, this Sales Executive is now looking for a fast paced sales team in which he can make significant contributions to sales achievements.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002713
Location: LONDON
Salary: £20,000 - 30,000
retail manager
Proven General Retail Store Manager with quality achievements in the electrical and telecoms sectors. Adaptable and productive with 6 years management experience, setting new standards in performance whilst developing skills in efficient and effective business acumen. Excellent ability to target success and produce desired results.

This articulate and forward-thinking professional is seeking a Retail Store Manager role within the London area, where first class people management skills and retail telecoms knowledge will add value.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00002349
Location: Yorkshire - South Humberside - GRIMSBY
Salary: £20,000 - 30,000
retail manager
Currently General Store Manager for a leading UK mobile telecoms retailer, this ambitious Retail Manager seeks to further their career in retail management, where they can continue to motivate, train and manage a retail sales team, to maximise their potential. A strong leader, with a creative manner, and 'lead by example' approach, this outgoing Retail Store Manager possesses outstanding communication skills and a great ability to influence others on all levels.

Experienced in achieving sales targets, KPI's, managing stock, store presentation and a strong head for competitor awareness, this candidate promises to be a great leader for any retail sales team.

Seeking a Retail Store Manager role within an international retail company with stores in the North-East where progression and reward for hard work will be offered.
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Ref: TPP-CAN-00001491
Location: South West - Plymouth
Salary: £20,000 - 30,000
Sales Executive for a leading mobile telecoms retailer, with great desire and hunger to earn money. This Sales Executive has a competitive nature driven by endlessly topping the company sales leagues, excellent organisational skills, a winning mentality and above all a fantastic sales ability finely tuned over time with experience.

This ambitious Sales Executive now seeks a Sales role in the South, where the opportunity to earn money, and progress internally is offered as an incentive for hard work.
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